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Women in Wireless

Feature Report: Women in Wireless

Wireless infrastructure will generate an estimated 30,000 net new jobs between now and 2017, and related industries will generate an additional 1.2 million jobs in the United States. While construction and tower climbing remain male-dominated industries, many of the industries enabled by wireless technology present tremendous opportunities for women. Even within wireless infrastructure, there are […]

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Diameter Signaling

Feature Report: Diameter Signaling in Mobile Networks

In IP networks, diameter signaling replaces SS7, but diameter does more than its predecessor. This report discusses current and emerging use cases for diameter signaling, as well as the potential for virtualization of diameter signaling control.What you will learn:  This report answers the following questions: What is diameter signaling? What is the role of the […]

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Feature Report: Network Decommissioning: Investment Recovery & Environmental Compliance

Network decommissioning is a huge issue as carriers rip-and-replace legacy equipment in favor of new technologies. When they do, they are faced with what to do with the old equipment. RCR Wireless News will take a look at the different choices carriers have in what to do with old equipment, including recycling options. The report […]

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Tower Technology

Feature Report: Tower & Antenna Technology Review

RCR Wireless News takes stock of the latest in tower and antenna technologies. We will look at fiber to the antenna (FTTA) and remote radio head (RRH) use, as well as backhaul trends, including millimeter, microwave, LOS/NLOS, fiber and the small cell backhaul dilemma. This report will examine the state of tower infrastructure, including overloading […]

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Video Optimization

Feature Report: Video Optimization & Monetization for Carriers

Video now represents almost half of all mobile network traffic, and will soon account for most of the traffic on mobile networks. Mobile video motivates subscribers to buy more data, but it can also overwhelm the network, leading to poor user experiences and churn. From a network perspective, video is unlike other types of data, […]

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Policy control

Feature Report: Policy control and charging: waiting to be virtualized

Telecom Software Series: Policy Control and Charging – Waiting to be Virtualized Editorial Feature Report Swimming in a sea of SDN, NFV, PCC, PCRF, PCEF, EPC, DPI virtual alphabet soup? You are not alone. RCR Wireless News’ Dan Meyer and Allie Winter untangle the implications of virtualizing policy control and charging functionality on a cloud based […]

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Feature Report: Spectrum Economics – The Emerging New Paradigm of Spectrum Use

Spectrum is the lifeblood of the wireless telecommunications space, and with a finite resource straining to serve an increasingly data-hungry consumer base, the pressure is on to free up new assets, for carriers to get their hands on what’s available and for equipment vendors to find more efficient ways to use what’s available. RCR Wireless […]

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Feature Report: Programming the Network – Virtualization, NFV and SDN

Software is becoming an increasingly important component of wireless network deployments as mobile operators look to trim the billions spent on rolling out advanced, next-generation networks. One of the ways carriers are looking to cut costs is through the use of virtualization, software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). As part of its Telecom […]

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Device Testing Procedures

Feature Report: LTE Device & Application Testing Procedures

In ‘LTE Device & Application Testing Procedures’ we explore what it takes to launch LTE devices?  Join RCR for a review of the ecosystem and processes required to bring LTE devices to market. Key questions explored include: What are the major milestones and timeline to design, test and launch devices? How are LTE networks and more capable […]

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Feature Report: Devices – The Components and Software that Make Smartphones Smart

Devices: What’s Inside? Smartphone manufacturers are steadily increasing device capabilities with new components, more powerful chipsets, and more software. RCR Wireless takes a look at what’s inside high-end handsets and at the increasingly complex process of integrating components and software from various suppliers in a timely manner. When astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed […]

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