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U.K. moves forward to bring white-spaces technology to market

Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s telecommunications regulatory authority, said it will introduce white-spaces technology in the country. The unlicensed technology can be used for enhanced Wi-Fi, rural broadband and machine-to-machine communications, among other things.
Ofcom said it expects the amount of white-spaces spectrum available to be comparable to the amount of spectrum available for 3G services.
“At an early stage Ofcom identified the potential of white spaces, which are currently lying vacant all around us,” said Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards. “Within Europe, we have been leading the way to try to harness this capacity without causing harmful interference to existing users of the spectrum. The solution we have devised creates the opportunity to maximize the efficient use of spectrum and open the door to the development of a new and exciting range of consumer and business applications.”
White-space technology is similar to Wi-Fi except that its router needs to consult a database to find out which frequencies and power levels it is allowed to use. Ofcom said it will allow multiple third-party providers to develop databases. The agency said commercial services could be launched in 2013.
Meanwhile, in the United States, Carlson and Telcordia said they plan to demonstrate the viablity of using TV white spaces for broadband access during the Super Wi-Fi Summit at the 4G Wireless Evolution Conference Sept. 13-15 in Austin, Texas. The demonstration will show the interoperability of white spaces, and specifically illustrate how Carlson’s radio and Telcordia’s database work to offer an interference-free solution.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning our work in your article, Tracy. Carlson is very interested in the Cambridge Trials and working with our UK software partner Neul to get the world’s fastest, most affordable TV white space radio ready for market by December. Both companies believe strongly in the potential for this technology has for overcoming the challenges of rural broadband.


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