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11 years later, FCC still toiling through PCS auction litigation: Agency wins ruling against Magnacom, but case may be headed to Supreme Court

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the trustee of bankrupt Magnacom Wireless L.L.C. is not entitled to proceeds from the reauction of the company’s cancelled wireless licenses, a legal victory for the Federal Communications Commission on the losing end of a 2003 Supreme Court decision that held bankruptcy code trumped the agency’s regulatory […]

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Fraud: A total drag (on revenues)

Telecom operators around the world are losing more and more cash to various types of fraud-and in some cases the shortfalls amount to as much as 5% of revenues, according to a new survey of operators.The study, conducted by Analysys and commissioned by operation support systems provider Subex Azure, concluded that overall revenue leakage-which includes […]

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Apple, unlockers grapple in cyberspace

The good news is that Apple Inc. has a lot of fans.The news that’s too fresh to characterize as “good” or “bad” is that Apple fans include inspired hackers and mere meddlers who seek to break the tenuous bond between Apple and its exclusive iPhone customer in the United States, AT&T Mobility. The reasons appear […]

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Hedgehogging: hedge*hog*ging v. Interrupting conversations in an office environment by poking your head over the top of the cube.

Looks like Apple is warning (read: threatening) its iPhone users with a statement about the horrors of unlocking the device. Key, terror-inducing phrases like “irreparable damage,” “permanently inoperable” and “voided warranty” are littered throughout the company’s missive on the topic. Our question is: Should anyone really be surprised by this? It’s not like you could […]

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Proxim splits its bets on Wi-Fi, WiMAX

Proxim Wireless Corp. sees opportunity in both Wi-Fi and WiMAX technologies, WiMAX due to its increasing momentum around the world and Wi-Fi due to its wide and expanding market presence.The company, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., said it has shipped more than 1.5 million devices to more than 200,000 customers around the world.Proxim CEO Robert […]

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Decision delayed on DE bidding rules

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected on procedural grounds a challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s small business bidding rules, delaying for another day a ruling on the merits of a case with the potential to overturn the results of last year’s advanced wireless services auction and to indirectly impact bidder strategies for […]

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RCR Wireless News would like to clarify an error made in the “Mobile TV space set for technology war” story, which ran in the Sept. 17 issue. MediaFLO was incorrectly identified as Qualcomm Inc.’s proprietary technology when in fact the technology is backed by more than 90 members of the FLO Forum, which is spearheading […]

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Voice-only users stand as opportunity for carriers

A little more than one-third of North American cellphone subscribers only use voice services, according to a new report from research firm In-Stat.The firm said wireless carriers should view the findings as an opportunity, reflecting a new, untapped segment for mobile data and entertainment offerings.“There is a potential dark cloud on the horizon for the […]

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Qualcomm names Apple attorney as general counsel

Qualcomm Inc. hired Apple Inc.’s top attorney as its general counsel, while Apple replaced that attorney with Oracle Corp.’s general counsel.Donald Rosenberg leaves Apple after less than a year of service to take the reins of Qualcomm’s worldwide plate of legal challenges. Rosenberg served at IBM Corp. prior to his stint at Apple.Daniel Cooperman, Apple’s […]

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Apple attacks modified iPhones via software update

Apple Inc.’s latest software update for the iPhone apparently is turning unlocked devices into bricks, according to media reports and Internet blogs today.iPhone owners with unmodified devices also are reporting that the software update is eliminating contact information, photos and music.Unlocking a device for personal use is legal, while unlocking for profit apparently is not. […]

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