Network APIs and IoT key to Huawei’s $1B developer strategy


IoT connection management eSDK platform opens APIs for network, security and data development

During the two-day Huawei Developers Congress, which was attended predominantly by the enterprise developer community, the company showcased a number of network APIs and “Internet of Things” initiatives for the Internet of vehicles, safe city, smart home, shipping, rail, public safety and petrochemical industry segments. In addition, Huawei showcased its cloud, big data and SDN industry collaboration efforts with leading technology companies, which included, but was not limited to, F5, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Intel and Fujitsu.

Huawei’s IoT Connection Management Platform offers carriers and enterprise customers an open development platform with security, data and network APIs designed to unlock the value of both fixed and wireless networks as outlined below:

  • Network APIs allow for personalized user experience and service orchestration to include bandwidth, QoS, VIP user control and unified communication.
  • Security APIs establish comprehensive security for IoT connections to include terminal and gateway authentication; HTTPS, TLS, DTLS and SSL/VPN encryption; SIM card reuse and USIM card authentication; and encrypted storage.
  • Data APIs obtain data on demand for real-time and scheduled data subscriptions and big data storage.

Huawei Network APIs

Throughout the conference, Huawei touted that it does “not make apps” and does “not touch data,” thus allowing it to focus on opening network and device functionality to the development community and industry partners.

Huawei Open Cloud

Do not make apps and do not touch data

Huawei’s commitment to invest $1 billion over five years is part of the equipment vendor’s developer enablement plan, which consists of the following five key elements:

  • Innovation fund for materials, access to solution experts and solutions;
  • “Open labs” to assist in program development;
  • Huawei “Ready” Certification of partner development capabilities, solution integration and interoperability testing. To date, Huawei claims 39 certification solution partners and 387 partners’ products certified;
  • More than $200 million invested over three years to certify 10,000 cloud engineers on how to build cloud computing platforms and solutions; and
  • Joint marketing programs.

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