Fiber backhaul connected to 2,000th PEG site


WOW Business drops more fiber in Chicago

Dallas, Texas-based PEG Bandwidth this week fired up fiber backhaul services to its 2,000th cell site since activating the first location in March 2010.

The company is busy deploying fiber backhaul connections at “several hundred” more locations in the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

PEG Bandwidth President and CEO Michael Friloux said the benchmark is important as customer data demands continue to grow rapidly.

“We are excited about the delivery of our 2,000th cell site as we continue to solve our customers’ most difficult network challenges,” he said in a statement.

“We look forward to expanding our infrastructure solutions in 2015 to support the insatiable demand for high-speed data.”

Fiber backhaul refers to the fiber-optic infrastructure that moves data from the edge of a network – such as a user’s device – to the network core.

Telecom and cloud service provider WOW! Business on Jan. 29 announced expansion of its fiber backhaul services provided in the Chicago, Ill.-area.

The company plans on deploying some 1,200 miles of cable to provide fiber backhaul to more than 500 cell towers in the Chicago metro area.

“We’re excited about the growth opportunities for us in Chicago and remain committed to providing competitively priced, flexible communications and network services,” VP Brad Cheedle at WOW said.

The company is also deploying a 432-count fiber-optic cable to serve 38 businesses in Chicago’s central business district.

“The addition of fiber conduit along Wacker Drive significantly enhances our metropolitan network infrastructure and will provide thousands of downtown Chicago businesses with a new choice when it comes to selecting the communications services they need to be successful,” Cheedle said.

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