MVNO Industry Summit Latam: Brazilian Tesa Telecom requests MVNO license to launch M2M services


The Brazilian business-to-business communication service provider TESA Telecom has requested a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) license from the regulatory agency Anatel, as it looks forward to launching machine-to-machine (M2M) services.

The whole M2M project includes partnership with Algar Telecom as an MNO, Transtelco as an MVNE and Bichara Tecnologia, which provides IT infrastructure. “We are building our business plan,” said Roberto Miranda, TESA’s president, adding that the company’s “value proposal is based on customization, customer service and agility.”

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Currently, the company is testing a pilot solution to track vehicles. Miranda noted that the goal is to remain focused on the B2B market with niche offers for at least two more years. “We could, for example, provide a solution focused on logistics under which we could integrate the M2M platform with corporate IT systems, adding telemetry,” Miranda explained, during this week’s MVNO Industry Summit Latam (check all stories).

The company’s roadmap calls for finishing the business plan within 90 days after obtaining the MVNO license. “We are deeply discussing the business model, because technology is the easiest part. The question is how to make money and expand our offer,” Miranda said.

The seven-year-old TESA Telecom also offers outsourcing services to corporate market telecoms. Recently it partnered with Go2neXt, which builds and integrates cloud computing environments, to offer a cloud-based collaboration solution. TESA has begun to integrate Siemens Enterprise Communications technology into its cloud building system.

The system consists of adding advanced telecom products and services during the construction phase of commercial buildings. By doing this,  construction companies can offer spaces that are ready to be occupied sooner. The telecom infrastructure is seen as a collaborative tool for the development of businesses occupying the building.

From the perspective of TESA’s MNO, Osvaldo Cesar Carrijo, sales director at Algar Telecom, noted TESA’s agreement is the first and to date, only MVNO contract the wireless company has.

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