RCR Wireless Innovation Awards set for Oct. 5


RCR Wireless News will be presenting its 2011 Innovation Awards at a reception in conjunction with the upcoming 2011 PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show in Dallas on Oct. 5.

The RCR Wireless Innovation Awards offer the opportunity to honor and showcase those individuals, products, services and companies that have demonstrated success, innovation and excellence in the mobile and wireless industry. Most of all, the awards recognize those contributions that have “made an impact on the industry and the people it serves.”

The 22 awards will be presented across 13 categories, including:

Mobile Broadband Iconoclasts: Five individuals, whose nontraditional innovations and ideas have changed the industry, will be recognized by RCR Wireless News as the top Mobile Broadband Iconoclasts for 2011.

Most Innovative Mobile Broadband Deployment: Three awards will be presented for the most innovative approach to launching a mobile broadband network in a global, rural or national market (USA).

Most Innovative Small Cell/DAS/WI-FI Offload Technology or Deployment: The mobile and data tsunami is revolutionizing the concept of mobile access infrastructure. RCR Wireless News will recognize the most innovative small cell, DAS, or data WI-FI offload deployment or technology.

Most Innovative Device/Handset: Two awards will be presented, with one for the consumer market and one for the enterprise market.

Most Innovative Approach to Managing and Upgrading a Mobile Broadband Network: The past 12 months witnessed material changes in the way carriers are investing in and managing their networks. Examples include managed services, outsourcing, shared towers and services, data overlays and complete network replacement.

Most Innovative Payments Product: Mobile money may still be in its relative infancy, but it’s growing at a spectacular rate and the technology has the potential to change the lives of billions world over, both the banked and the unbanked. Whether your company comes at mobile payments from a banking, software, social media or traditional telecommunications standpoint, RCR Wireless News is keen to discover some of the more interesting players emerging in this new and thriving industry.

Most Innovative Mobile Application: Apps continue to simplify and improve the user experience on mobile devices. While there is still an ongoing debate between apps and sites optimized for the Web, most smartphone users prefer interacting with their favorite sites and content on an app. RCR Wireless News will recognize the most innovative app for 2011.

Most Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaign: Projections for mobile marketing spend are all over the place, but everything points to dramatic increases over the coming years. Effective, successful campaigns are promoting the mobile channel for ads overall. RCR Wireless News will recognize the most innovative mobile marketing campaign for 2011.

Most Innovative Mobile Technology in 2011: Three awards will be presented in the categories of:

–Mobile Technology;

–Base Station & Core Network Chip Technology;

–Device or embedded Chip Technology.

Most Innovative Mobile Traffic Management Solution: As video traffic and other forms of content put pressure on today’s wireless networks, operators are deploying optimization tools so that all of their end users can enjoy new content and services without clogging up the networks. RCR Wireless News will recognize the most innovative mobile traffic management optimization solution.

Most Innovative Startup Company in Mobile: This award recognizes the mobile content provider, platform or application that has accelerated the deployment and adoption of mobile content while facilitating operational efficiencies/profitability and changing the way customers live, work or play.

Most Innovative Enterprise or Government Product/Solution: Device and equipment makers, carriers and an army of startups are targeting the enterprise and government sectors for new growth. These traditionally slow industries are more readily adopting mobility into their workforce. RCR Wireless News will recognize the most innovative product or service for enterprise and/or government.

Most Innovative Transaction, Partnership or Investment: The high-cost, high-return atmosphere of the mobile industry has created a number of innovative ideas into how to get the most bang for that investment buck. RCR Wireless News will recognize what it deems the most innovative transaction, partnership or investment in the mobile space.

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