ATLANTA-The CDMA Development Group has completed specifications for Code Division Multiple Access asynchronous data and short message services.

Services conforming to these standards are expected to be among the first offerings available when CDMA is rolled out in 1995, CDG said.

“We intend not only to offer enhanced voice quality with CDMA, but new digital features that set the technology apart from all others,” said John DeFeo of U S West NewVector Group Inc.

Features include cellular messaging, voice-mail alert/notification and digital paging, integrated into a single portable device, the group said.

The group says CDMA is highly efficient for data transmission because of its digital control channel, sophisticated error correction capability, resistance to outside interference and the inherent security of information encoding.

The CDG also announced it has begun work with the CDPD Forum on a specification for access to cellular digital packet data services using a CDMA asynchronous data air link.

“Providing CDPD packet data access through CDMA is a natural. We are committed to making all of the CDPD network services available on the CDMA air link,” said Chuck Parrish, general manager for GTE Wireless Data and chairman of the CDPD Forum Working Group.

Cellular customers typically will use the asynchronous data mode for enhanced transmission of large data files and facsimiles.

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